The question of “what happens when my name is transferred from the Book of Life to the Book of Shadows?” needs to be addressed in greater depth. The Book of Life is the roster and astral record of everyone who is incarnated on earth. For those incarnated in other realms, they have their own books, or Akashic registers, if you will. The Book of Life includes any hybrid entity as well, as there are more than merely hybrid vampires on earth. As concerns Lucifera, she is the sole registrar of the Book of Shadows, in which are included those under her domain. Once entered by blood, by this blood covenant, the rules of karma no longer apply as they do to humans, since the blood cannot and does not enter into any blood covenants under material nature because a vampire’s bloodline is not human. And it cannot be transferred into the Book of Death, as can happen to humans who commit gross spiritual crimes.

For example, a vampire registered under Lucifera is exempt from the penalties of using baneful vampire-craft (magical energies), as long as it serves Lucifera and the Almighty. This baneful vampire-craft can include the termination of human life by magical energies, if Lucifera determines it as warranted. In the spirit, any soldiers at war are fair game to be destroyed. There is no karmic repercussions for a vampire under these situations. Worlds can be brought to an end, with the vampire unscathed spiritually and eternally, unlike that of a human, who can be damned into the Book of Death, in the sense they may never regain a higher level of being than a lesser creature such as an animal, after a period in Hell determined by the Almighty. Vampires have no control over the fate of others once they are judged. All such Spirit Books record the spiritual status of any given creature.

In the same way a policeman is allowed to use lethal force in carrying out his or her