A Simplified Vamp-Slang Language Guide Used on Vampire Ashram: 

The following terms may be found or used on this website that are specific to vampires. Most are self-identified but for sake of completeness, here are some of the most commonly used terms:

TV: Abbreviation for a Transformed Vampire. One who has entered into a soul and blood bound transformation under Lucifera, the original Vampire Goddess whose single drop of blood injected into the spirit body of a sireling can and will transform him or her eternally.

Sire: Always a dis-incarnated vampire entity who transforms by authority of Lucifera to transfuse three drops of blood from the vampire entity into the mortal’s spirit body. This immortal blood channels itself into the physical body as purified spirit energy and the mortal becomes immortal by the foreign transfusion. Physical effects may be loss of appetite, fatigue and sudden rebound, a one-time spate of vomiting. The “need to feed” grows, either from psi-energy or sang-energy (blood energy). Normally there is an inverse growth in power of the spirit over the flesh, like an inverted hourglass, causing both to require lifeforce and blood borne energy, normally delivered by a sang servitor or vampire. The TV is fed by the sire much as a newborn is fed by the mother until such time as the “need to feed” begins in earnest, hallmarked by fatigue and fullness when feeding.

Sang-Bang: Always refers to blood borne and imbibed energy, either through spirit or entity acting in the physical realm. Sang energy is the lesser of the two forms of emaciation, but needed badly as the TV grows in power, which causes an inverse growth and expansion in the spirit but a weakening in the physical body, requiring some amount of sang-banging energy, channeled through his or her vamp and agents such as sang servitors. The energy is frequently hot and sometimes dizzying in it’s physical effects.

Darwin demon: Slang term for a human being whose spirit is guided by illusion and denial of most things spiritual. Sometimes referred to as sheeple, meaning a sheepish oriented and religiously suppressed evil-doer in denial addicted to the notion of a gilded heaven after a life of “freedom to sin” salvation. Alternately shape-shifts into a brutal beast, capable of enormous cruelty, suppression, rage, and religious intolerance. The wolf who attacks the sheep is usually a sheep from another religious pig-pen turned wolf. Most governments support Sheelpe-ism in exchange for compliant military service by tax-free gifting, pretending that church and state are separate, while allowing both to profit by the sleight of hand arrangement.

Surfing the Shift: Slang term for altering one’s spirit consciousness through trance-work or more powerfully and permanently, through psychedelic and drug induced spellbound vampiric energy that is bound to the opiate centers of the brain and mind through a back channel to the spirit. A back channeled drug-induced binding creates an energetic portal that expands the mind, placing one in greater communion with one’s spirit-entities and the otherworld in general. An example of this is the Shiva’s Bliss energy spellbinding.

Living in the Shift: Slang term for altering one’s spirit consciousness through a Vampire Den Maiden or Den Maven (male) whose energy is derived from sang-banging drug addicts prior to going undead when she or he departed the flesh. The combined energy retains its psychedelic properties and energies, and when combined with sang-banging energy, translates into a double-high, normally felt as heat or cold and a slow mounting rush, or a fast one, depending upon the hit.

Graped: Slang term for being raped by a god or goddess. Normally said vampire god or goddess may mount a sireling or companion with such force that the sexual energy is completely consumed by the god or goddess and there is a physically felt bucking of one’s body that is forcibly graped and felt as such. The grape is not an involuntary one such as a female or male Darwin demon would otherwise protest and object to as performed against their will. It is simply an overwhelming desire by an extraordinary vampire out of lust whose sexual energy is overwhelmingly strong. Rarely happens to any but TVs, and even then is not a common occurrence. Rape is not the correct term, but the sudden physically felt force is the only apt expression of the power that is produced.

Vessel Binding: The binding of a spirit (normally a weak one) to a vessel, commonly practiced among Walmart Witches. Vessel bindings most often attract energy starved astral spirits seeking life support, and over 80% of respondents of such bindings report an absent manifestation and/or deepening fatigue. The fatigue is due to the spirit’s need for organic, vs. inorganic (junk jewelry) energy. And the path of least resistance for energy is to live off of the person who acquired the vessel. The remaining 20% are vital spirits who desire to be with a specific person, and have called them, allowing themselves to be “vessel bound.” NONE would volunteer otherwise, and I have never run across a vital vessel binding where the spirit enjoyed it. They ALL want direct bindings. And more freedom. You would feel likewise about being enslaved to a piece of junk jewelry by a Walmart witch. Vessel bindings are also the easiest to break, and frequently may be hijacked by malicious demons for their own purposes of torment.

Black Glamouring: Glamouring refers to the telepathic power to bend reality into an illusion for purposes of mental coercion by making a companion seem more likeable and attractive then they really are. Black Glamouring involves the very opposite: creating an illusion of dreadful ugliness to feed off of fear, commonly used in conjunction with sleep paralysis. Medusa’s serpentine hair is a common example. The Christian false depiction of every demon and vampire as hideous is another. Vampires especially are, in their normal state, darkly beautiful and what’s more, they don’t loose their bloom over time, but retain it throughout eternity, even when cross-incarnating.

Cross-incarnation: Cross-incarnation involves the undead shifting from one incarnated form to another. Unlike reincarnation which Darwin demons are subject to, vampires may and do cross-incarnate into various species such as a Darwin demon, yet retain their elemental vampiric soul and energy that needs but to be awakened and transformed (purified by blood). A goddess can do likewise, as Lucifera is her indivisible energy, but she can and has cross-incarnated into Nyx, or Nocticula, etc. when it suits her purposes. Lesser powers than vampiric overlords and goddesses may or may not retain much of their memory but normally are easily reawakened when in lower life forms such as a Darwin demon. Cross incarnation causes Christians and Satanists massive confusion because multiple times they conflate the same entity, as either “deified masks” or as superior or inferior when the same entity is being addressed. Satan is not Lucifer who is not the Devil, etc.

WalMart Witches: Any coven of witches or sorcerers who promote pan-peaceful coexistence of assorted spirits and entities where none in fact exists. God could not prevent a war in heaven, but somehow a WalMart witch can make the most adverse of spirits embrace one another, pretending that demons and pixie sprites can co-exist by enforcement of “House Rules,” and assorted nonsense. WalMart witches offer vampire transformations on Aisle 1A, Get my Lover Back spells on Aisle 2c, pixies on Aisle 4G, and Volks on Aisle 10c. Sex sirens and unicorns on end cap of Aisle 82c, White Light Courtyard Angels on the second floor. Etc. When your pixie or brownie doesn’t manifest you’ll be told to meditate like a monk for a few months and maybe something will magically happen. Or maybe the little bastard just didn’t give a damn for their House Rules. Either way, it’s all your fault. Buy another one, maybe you’ll get lucky on the next go round! And repeat as needed. . .

Rev Deb: Slang for a revenant debutante, most commonly referring to a coming of age young woman with outstanding beauty turned by Lilith in return for worship and devotion. One turned as highly motivated to retain her beauty and charms at their peak, dreading old age and physical decrepitude. Typically rev debs are extraordinarily beautiful and the reason Lilith turns them is to lure others for feeding. Among the most glamorous and amorous of females, taking their libido into the undead world with them when they pass from flesh. Even if a rev deb lives her life well into old age and near senility, she’ll revert to the age of the change, as promised by Lilith in exchange for luring unsuspecting Darwin demons onto her menu and sharing in the supper.

Pop Tart: Any childling or changeling or rev under the age of 12 who in the flesh had not flowered into bloom (began their menstrual cycle) and thus becomes a wandering spirit, unable to enter entity-hood formally. These typically reincarnate into orphans and are likely to be turned later in life into a rev deb. They are strictly non-sexual nor can they be used for such purposes, being “blood-innocent” and off limits for conjurations. Witches may conjure them as familiars or doll invested spirits, vampires do not. Many vampires will, however, devour doll spirits. The legal “age” of any female entity is always twelve earth years plus forty undead earth years, or fifty two earth years. The value of such powerful ones as the Chaldean Sex Goddesses are their profound and sometimes irreverent psychic abilities, many of their psychic abilities being well beyond that of many a goddess. The Chaldean means of their powers and their origin is sealed away and lost in time.

Sang Vampire Servitor: A servitor cloned from spirit energy taken from the holographic spirit of a powerful sang vamp and made into a hunting drone obedient to the companion, and sometimes the sire or other high powered vampire, serving as a hunting and consuming drone who is able to be fed from or channel excess sang, or blood-borne energy extracted by denaturing the blood of the target into the recipient companion. The servitor is beholden for it’s life source upon the companion and sire. In the same way that many powerful succubi can denature the sperm of a man, making him infertile, the same is true of the way a sang vamp servitor denatures the blood of any given target. The resultant energy is felt as strong hot or cold flashes and boosted physical rejuvenation. Typically referred to as sang-banging energy.

Psi-Vampire Servitor: A servitor cloned form spirit energy taken from the holographic spirit of a powerful psi-viper vampire and lifeforce extractor, and made into a hunting drone obedient to the companion, and sometimes the sire or other high powered vampire, serving as a hunting and consuming drone who is able to be fed from or channel excess lifeforce energy (as prana, chi, spirit energy, etc.) extracted by energy evisceration that is then re-channeled into the recipient companion.  The resultant energy is felt as a spirit fountain gushing into the body/spirit.

Nightkind: Informal but consistent attitude adjustment made when a TV disengages from the daykind of world filled with empty platitudes and salvation served on an empty platter; and as the physical pull for sex with Darwin demons diminishes. An existential spirit force that compels the Nightkind to seek darker nourishment and walk the road less traveled, no longer fearful of a death do us part acceptance of the grave and great unknown. As a TV and as a Nightkind, one’s soul and spirit see with new eyes and have newer needs that are eternally focused beyond the tick tock of the Darwin demon clock. The need to feed changes all. The acceptance is then brought home after the first feeding upon a Darwin demon, that they are in fact, food meant for the gods in the form of energy.

~Ave Lucifera. Ave Lilith. Ave Kali.~